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Spribe Aviator Game App Review: downloading, devices, errors

Aviator App apk

You may enjoy betting on the Aviator game on almost every device, including smartphones and tablets. In this article, you will find out where to get the Aviator app apk for mobile and desktop and how trusted and legit they are.

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Description of Aviator App

Spribe doesn’t offer an official Aviator app but you can download one from a third-party developer on the Google Play market.

Before deciding which app is best for game, note that this and similar free applications may contain advertising that can distract players.

Each casino has its own app where you can choose the Aviator tab for betting. Pay attention to the licenses and safety of a casino where you want to bet Aviator to avoid downloading malware and viruses.

To bet and win on the trusted Aviator app, follow this mini-guide:

  1. go to an online casino with the game;
  2. download the casino mobile app apk;
  3. sign up and log into the app;
  4. fund your balance;
  5. start betting.
Aviator game download apps from Google Play

Aviator Game APK for Practice and Fun

The Aviator game download apps from Google Play and external casino sites are available for free but they require registration. They support all widespread languages and most regions. Their interface may vary but, in general, they are very similar to the one of the original game by Spribe.

Even the application by third-party developers has no option to bet for real money and almost always offers the advertising which is a way to monetize a free apk.

APK / XAPK File. What Is Difference?

The aviator game download is available through two types of installer files: APK and XAPK.

APK is the standard package folder for Android with a limited size of 100 Mb, required by Google Play. The single Aviator APK download is 30+ Mb, therefore it will be probably in the APK format.

XAPK is the Aviator download solution for bigger apps. XAPK package folder is split into standard APK and OOB expansion files that store graphics and media data. The OOB file can be up to 2 Gb, and the quantity of OOBs is unlimited which allows the creation and uploading the apps of any size. XAPK format suits more big casino applications with multiple games including the Aviator.

You can compare the features of the APK and XAPK in the table below:

Size is up to 100 MBSize is unlimited
Installation is automaticalInstallation is manual or with the special installer
Installation is full and immediateInstallation may include the Aviator team app download from extra repositories.

To install XAPK manually:

  • download the Android package and unzip it with a standard zip archiver;
  • find the Aviator game download APK file and click to start installation;
  • unzip OBB packages and place them in pertinent folders.

Spribe Aviator App Download Safely

The Spribe Aviator app can be downloaded safely from both common marketplaces including Google Play and casino personal links.

To download the application from Google Play:

  1. click the Google Play icon on your smartphone;
  2. find the Aviator through the search field;
  3. go to its page and click the Install button;
  4. grant all permissions required by the app.
 Aviator app Google Play

To download the Aviator APK via the personal casino links you should follow the instructions provided by the particular casino. Usually, they are similar:

  1. go to your Settings section, click the Security and Privacy, and enable the download from unknown sources;
  2. find the proper section on the casino site;
  3. click the Android or Download for Android button;
  4. find the application in the Download folder and click to start installation;
  5. allow all requested functions of the app.

Additionally, you may be asked to contact customer support for the current link to Aviator app download APK via email or social media channels.

aviator casino app

Supported Operating Systems

game application with any popular OS

The game application can be installed on a device with any popular OS:

  • Android;
  • IOS;
  • Windows;
  • MacOS.

The Spribe Aviator APK installation for each system notably differs and requires a particular guide.


The Android OS covers about 75-80% of smartphones and tablets in the world, and most players enjoy betting on Android devices.

To download the Aviator bet app  and install it on Android devices:

  1. you must have Android 6.0+;
  2. if you download not from Google Play, do the following: in the Settings section of your smartphone, click the Security and Privacy and switch on the Unknown Sources feature; 
  3. go to the application page on Google Play, developer’s website, or the online casino;
  4. click the Download or Install button to start the download, it is usually situated on the top menu of the screen; 
  5. after the Aviator team app download, go to the Download folder and click the APK to start the installation.
android apk install process

IOS for iPhone

Some developers may offer a special version of Aviator for iOS. This file has an IPA extension and can be downloaded from App Store and similar specialized marketplaces.

To download the application for  iOS from App Store:

  1. enter your Apple account and particularly the App Store one;
  2. go to the App Store, click the Search icon, and type “Aviator” in the proper field;
  3. at the personal tab of the app, click the Download to begin the download process;
  4. after downloading, press the Install button in the pop-up form.
manage apps

To download the game for iOS from unofficial stores:

  1. go to the developer’s site of the Aviator game best app or the mobile section for the general app of the casino;
  2. click the installation button and allow the downloading in the pop-up form;
  3. go to Settings, click Profile downloaded, choose the Aviator;
  4. at the personal Aviator profile, click the Install button at the top menu;
  5. enter your lock screen password;
  6. reading all info and warnings, click simultaneously Next, Install, and Done to finish the download process.

You may also perform the Aviator game free download and install the APK package on iPhone and iPad by using an Android emulator. Follow the guides below.


winows pc

The probability to find an EXE file of the Aviator legit app for a Windows phone or desktop is very low. But you can still use Aviator on an Android emulator. The guide is following:

  1. download and install any emulator via the Microsoft official store;
  2. start the emulator;
  3. go to the web version of Google Play or any other store and find the application page;
  4. download and install it by the guides above.

Aviator for Mac

mac pc

The MacOS installer has the PKG extension and is stored in Mac App Store. The installation on MacOS is similar to the one on iOS.To download game Aviator for iOS from App Store:

  • sign up for your account;
  • find the game download app tab and click the Download button;
  • confirm the installation in the pop-up form.

You can also use the Aviator APK with an Android emulator.. The downloaded and installed application will be available in your Purchases section on your iPhone or iPad if they are bounded to the same Apple account.

Best Device for Aviator Game App

Compare desktop and mobile versions in the table below:

Wide screenSmaller screen
Complex interfaceCompact interface
Adapted to touchscreenAdapted to mouse and touchpad navigation
Stational playingPlaying anytime and anywhere
Requires a lot of resources (battery charge and Internet traffic for the Aviator game downloadable content)Resource saving

Both desktops and mobile devices have specifics that make them more or less convenient for different players of the best Aviator app.

Usually, desktop users prefer the web versions of the casinos with the Aviator page to even the Aviator best app. They are absolutely equal to desktop apps but don’t take the space on your hard disk.

If you use a single-game app, it’s recommended to install it on a device with your favorite casino app. It’s more convenient to switch between applications in the same interface on the same device.

Aviator Bet App Downloads with Errors. How to Fix

Most Aviator app players face the same issues that require the same ways to be fixed.


Black or Blank Screen when Opening Aviator, App Crashing

To Fix This Issue, Try These Steps One By One:

  1. restart your application;
  2. restart your iPhone / iPad;
  3. wait until your device battery drains out and recharge it;
  4. back up the settings and reinstall the Aviator app;
  5. try to install the app’s older versions.
app Connection Error

Loading, Server, Connection Error. Screen Freeze and Pings

The cause of this issue is often out of your device and, therefore, your fixing capabilities for any game application. But you may still try the following:

  • check and restart your Internet connection;
  • wait a few minutes until the Aviator app team fixes all server problems.
Aviator apk Installation Troubles

Aviator Installation Troubles

The deprived installation and installation errors of the APK may be caused by the wrong version of software or device disk issues. Try the following:

  • check your wifi;
  • find out if the space of your mobile storage is enough for downloading the app;
  • compare your OS version and the one required by the Aviator bet APK.
Updating error

Updating Issues

The main reasons for updating issues that occur after the game APK download are bad Internet signal and insufficient disk space.

Check these factors and retry updating.

Video Loading Problems

Audio / Video Loading Problems

If you face content loading problems after the Aviator Spribe APK installation, test your Internet source and switch on another one if necessary. If it doesn’t work, check the volume of the free space on your device and use the disk cleaner software.

Notifications Troubles

Aviator Notifications Troubles

For solving these problems, go to the Settings section on your smartphone, then, in Notifications, choose your required application.

Check if the notifications are enabled and unmute them if necessary.

app login problems

Login And Account Problems

The most frequent issue of this kind after the Aviator bet app download is unsuccessful login tries. To enter your account properly:

  • read error messages if you receive any and act according to them;
  • check your Internet;
  • try again in a couple of minutes;
  • check the correctness of your login and password you have entered after the Aviator game app download, apply for the password recovery if necessary;
  • if you log in through Facebook, Twitter, or Google, check whether you are already logged into the pertinent social network account;
  • if you are banned, contact customer support for details.

Pros and Cons

The Aviator single-game app and the casino betting apps with Aviator game have their own pros and cons. Compare them in the table below:

Single-game game appCasino app
Interface imitates the original gameInterface may vary
Free demo mode onlyBetting for real money
You can train as long as you need without the risk of losing real moneyYou can lose real money
No chat with other playersChat with our players, sharing tips, tricks and strategies
AdvertisingNo advertising
No statisticsWide statistics
Downloading the game’s APK file can infect your device with malwareThe checked software only
Has other games to diversify the gambler experience.
Numerous casino tournaments
Bonus money and free bets

Final Thoughts

The Aviator app is downloadable and installable for any OS. After some preparations, it works well on devices of all types. The application allows you to train as long as you wish without money risks, check strategies, popular hacks, and tips. But the app is not official, therefore doesn’t allow betting for real money, and may even be infected with malware.

You may use all advantages of the demo mode on the official Spribe site or any casino app with the checked games only. Anyway, to install it or not is your responsibility.


Is Aviator Application Legit?

This Aviator app is provided by a third-party developer, therefore we can’t claim that it’s legit.

Where Can I Get Best App to Play Aviator Game?

You can look for a single-game application in any AppStore for your OS or download the one for Android and install the emulator. You may also use the mobile app of the casino that offers the Aviator in its game range. The download link is located in the mobile section of the casino site.

Can I Download Aviator App for Free?

Yes, all Aviator single-game and casino apps are available for free. But for betting and earning real money, you need to fund your balance in the casino app.

How to Download Aviator Game on PC?

To play the Aviator game on a PC, you need to install the Android emulator first. Then start it and install the Aviator app for Android as in the proper guide. You may also replace the Android app with the free demo mode on the Spribe official site or at a trusted casino.


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